Meet Bratzillaz, the Witchy Cousin's of Bratz

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Glam get wicked with the Bratzillaz! The Bratzillaz are the only fashion dolls that help girls achieve their dreams with special witch powers, wicked glam fashions and adorable mischievous pets.


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 Halloween is coming soon and Bratzillaz dolls are here to meet all your child’s spooky and fun needs. Coming in many designs and with multiple accessories, your choice of sleek and fashionable dolls can be yours for the taking. Here are a few different examples of the many options you can choose from.

Meygana Broomstix

Even witches need an education to excel at their craft. Meygana comes fitted and ready for the school year, taking with her all the essentials to excel at magic. Every witch needs a broomstick, and Meygana comes with a broomstick that second as a brush to comb through her long stylish auburn hair. On top of that, her style will floor all the warlocks with a uniform, hat and cape to boot.

Victoria Antique

The newest exchange student has just arrived bringing with her a whole new unique style. Her fashion sense may be old school but it doesn’t come without a twist of modernism. Following in line with Meygana her accessories tend to be the same, the basic needs to attend a magic academy and look good doing it.

Fianna Fins

Straight out of the sea, Fianna joins the Bratzillaz group right on the Midnight Beach. Her ability to control the weather makes her a popular choice for fun in the sun or dancing in the rain. Not only does she come with a unique bathing suit and hat but also a cape that doubles as a beach towel. Her glow in the dark skin will also keep her having fun even as the sun disappears!

Switch-A-Witch Single Pack

If your child has a magical aptitude for imagination then the Switch-A-Witch Single Pack is for them. With the ability to build your very own Bratzillaz Doll, your child will get the satisfaction of creation. This pack comes with a cape, hat, wig, body, arms, legs and shoes. The best part is that you do not need a doctorial degree in monster creation to put her together!

Magic Is In the Air

The options for your child’s love for magic and dolls are endless when you rely on Bratzillaz. The conjuration of their magical needs will be filled and you can sit back and watch your own little witch play for hours!